WTF, Chuck?

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Chuck is waiting by his computer to hear from you with your burning questions about Baldwin County. 

Chuck reads through the massive amounts of email readers send to the to find the questions you want answered.  And he brings them to your through his recurring column, “WTF, Chuck?”

Are you wondering why things are the way they are here?  Are you wondering why things can’t be different?   Maybe you have questions about starting your own school system, finding a good dentist, or where you can find a good escort and/or politician

While it’s highly unlikely that Chuck has all (or any) of the answers, he will at least be able to bring the questions to our readers for discussion.

So, fill in the form below to send your questions to Chuck anonymously. If you don’t want to leave your name or email address, just make something up.  The email address must look like a real one, though.  Try  Chuck likes to pretend real people are writing him.

And for those of you from Mobile, the answer to the math question at the bottom of the form is 4.