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WTF, Chuck? WTF should I do with all these Mardi Gras beads?

A reader writes in for ideas about what to do with all of the Mardi Gras beads he ended up with:

Dear Chuck,


My common law wife and I went to several Mardi Gras parades in Fairhope and Gulf Shores this weekend. We also took a chance with our lives by going to Mobile one night. We managed to survive even though we were surrounded by whoremongers and sinners.

Despite my best efforts, my CLW managed to show herself a few times and was immediately

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WTF, Chuck: What’s the most romantic thing to do in Baldwin County?

A reader writes:

Dear Chuck,

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’ve got no idea what to do with my old lady. It’s not that I want to spend any extra time or money on her but I also don’t want to listen to her nag me about not doing anything until the next holiday.

Just kidding, Chuck. I love the girl and want to do something special for her. Any ideas?


Romeo from Robertsdale

Dear RfR,

This is a very timely question. I’m glad you didn’t wait until the last minute to ask it. Relax, though, because you’ve got plenty of time.

You don’t provide much background info about your Valentine. I’ll have to make a few assumptions about what she might like based on the fact that she’s dating and/or married to someone from Robertsdale, as you’ve claimed to be.

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WTF, Chuck: What are you thankful for?

A reader asks:

Dear Chuck,

It’s fall, the leaves are coming down, the nights are getting cooler, my old lady is wearing her flannel PJ’s and the turkeys are getting scared. It’s Thanksgiving time and Baldwin County has alot to be thankful for. But I’m worried about you, Chuck. Wtf are you thankful for this year?

A hungry turkey hunter

Dear AHTH,

Thanks for writing. I’m glad you asked this question. There are many things I’m thankful I’m not:

  • I’m thankful I’m not a tree cutter trying to make a living in Fairhope.
  • I’m thankful I’m not on work release in Loxley.
  • I’m thankful I’m not the mayor of a city that just realized it should have a strong-council.
  • I’m thankful I’m not the one who tried to arrest Kenny Stabler.
  • I’m thankful I’m not on the Robertsdale Arby’s diet.
  • I’m thankful I’m not borrowing money to make payroll here.
  • I’m thankful I’m not in Mobile.

But what am I really thankful for?

I’m thankful I live in Baldwin County, where the sky is a little bit bluer and the sun shines a little bit brighter than any place else I’ve ever been. I’m thankful this county has enough news and events to keep us in business. I’m even more thankful that many of the news and events are about good things and not always bad. I’m thankful our kids go to safe schools and have teachers that truly care about their education. I’m thankful that despite the election results and the bad economy, our country and our communities will weather these storms and come through them like we always have.

But I think most importantly, I’m thankful that visitors to this site click the ads because that’s what pays the bills around here. :)

Let’s hear from some of our readers on this question: What are you thankful for this year?


WTF, Chuck: School fees?

Note: WTF, Chuck? is an ongoing, though limited, series of articles in which staff writer, Chuck, replies to questions submitted by our readers.

A reader writes:

Dear Chuck,

WTF is up with these school registration fees? I registered my daughter for middle school and the fees came out to be over $100. This was in addition to the two page list of school supplies her teachers required.

Who regulates these fees? How is this money accounted for?

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WTF, Chuck: Pay as You Go?

Note:  WTF, Chuck? is an ongoing series of articles in which staff writer, Chuck, replies to questions submitted by our readers.

A reader writes:

Dear Chuck,

WTF is this Pay as You Go program? Why do they want to raise my taxes so even more? Shouldn’t they use the high taxes I already pay to maintain the roads?

A Baldwin County Taxpayer

This is a great question, ABCT. From what I can tell, the County Commission wants to Continue reading →

WTF, Chuck? The economy

A reader writes:

Dear, Chuck

WTF is up with the economy? All I hear on TV are reports of how bad the economy is doing. Things seem OK to me. I don’t know anyone who’s lost their job and new development is everywhere you look in Baldwin County.

A Baldwin County Worker

This is an excellent question, ABCW. And it’s one I’ve wondered about myself. Sure, the housing market is down. But if you’re not trying to sell your house it doesn’t matter. And gas prices are still climbing but our walkable communities make it possible to get around for free.

I see help wanted signs from Orange Beach to Bay Minette. And there are pages and pages of jobs listed in the classified section of the Press Register.

The national economy may be in a downturn but locally, Baldwin County seems to be doing OK. One way to make sure you can weather the low points of the economic cycle is to make sure you have income from sources that aren’t affected as much by downturns. There are lots of these types of jobs in Baldwin County. Here are some ideas:

Or perhaps you’d be interested in a job in the public sector:

If you have other suggestions for jobs or ideas about the local economy post them in the comments section.

Thanks for the question,


Got a question for Chuck? Ask, WTF, Chuck?

WTF, Chuck? New writer joins the BaldwinReport.com

A new writer has joined the staff of the BaldwinReport.com. After a short interview and a long contract negotiation, we’re happy to welcome Chuck aboard. He’s a recent retiree who just moved to Baldwin County a few months ago from somewhere up north. (His northern heritage was only revealed to us after the contract was signed. Sorry.)

Chuck won’t be reporting on news and events in Baldwin County, though. He’ll be sorting through the massive amounts of email (at least 2 to 4 per week) that we get with questions, complaints and “atta boys” to bring readers a recurring column called, “WTF, Chuck?”

After sitting through Chuck’s interview and contract negotiations, we know it’s doubtful that Chuck will have all (or any) of the answers to your questions but we’re confident he can at least present the questions and hopefully some of our readers can help with the answers.

So if you’ve got a burning question about something in Baldwin County, send it to Chuck .

Submit your questions now and maybe you can be the first to ask, “WTF, Chuck?”

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Thanks for reading.

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