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Valuation notices going to about half of Baldwin County property owners | AL.com

About half of Baldwin County’s property owners will get valuation notices sent to them in the coming days.

It’s a second year of a mailing that costs about half of what it used to for the county’s taxpayers since the county moved away from annual mail-outs to all property owners.

“It’s very expensive to do that (annual) mailing,” Baldwin County Revenue Commissioner Teddy Faust Jr. said Monday. “We were doing that (mailing) back when property values were going down and down. We mailed it every year because we wanted people to see where their value was and build some confidence with the people.”

Approximately 80,000 notices will be mailed on Wednesday to property owners whose values increases more than $1,000 or if there is a new owner.

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Baldwin County Sheriff Huey ‘Hoss’ Mack supports AG’s opinion on school campaigning

The Alabama Attorney General’s opinion is the “presumed law of the land” unless any changes are made,  said Baldwin County Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack, who campaigned in support of the school system’s since- vanquished referendum last month.

Mack, the county’s top law enforcement officer who appeared in taxpayer-funded campaign advertisements in support of the referendum, said Monday that Attorney General Luther Strange’s opinion about whether school boards can spend public money to support referendums sets practices commonly followed by public officials.

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Sales tax increase at Foley’s Tanger Outlet Center starts Thursday

Prices at the Tanger Outlet Center in Foley will go up a half-percent Thursday when a new fee for mall stores and customers goes into effect.

After several months of negotiations, the Foley City Council voted Sept. 21 to approve the half-cent fee intended to pay for mall improvements and efforts to attract new businesses to the site. The addition will be collected in the same way as a city sales tax.

With the new charge added, mall customers will pay 8.5 cents on each dollar purchase. The tax rate for the rest of Foley is 8 percent, which includes a 2 percent city tax as well as county and state taxes.

Sales tax increase at Foley’s Tanger Outlet Center starts Thursday

Baldwin school board will make sales tax pitch Tuesday

Baldwin County commissioners will hear from school board members and officials Tuesday on a new 1-cent sales tax for education.

Board of Education members have endorsed the increase for 24 months as a way of countering worsening deficits.

After discussion by the four-member commission Tuesday, the proposal could move on to the Aug. 4 regular meeting for a vote.

Baldwin school board will make sales tax pitch Tuesday

Baldwin School Board Adopts Sales Tax Increase Resolution

On Thursday, the Baldwin County Board of Education adopted a resolution to request the county commission to levy a one-cent sales tax increase. The money is needed to help bail the school district out of a 38 million dollar budget shortfall.

School board member Robert Wills was the only member voting against the resolution.

Baldwin School Board Adopts Sales Tax Increase Resolution

Baldwin County school board seeks to double tax rate

Citing continued budget shortfalls, laid-off teachers and canceled programs, Baldwin County Board of Education members said today that they will ask the County Commission for a 1-cent hike in the local sales tax.

The proposal would double the 1-cent tax now shared by the county, school board and Faulkner State Community College. If approved, the move would generate $29 million for the school system at present revenue levels, said Jean McCutchen, Board of Education finance officer. In the last two years, state funding for Baldwin County has dropped by about $38 million, according to Faron Hollinger, superintendent of education.

At a work session this morning, the five board members present all said they would support asking the County Commission for the tax increase.

Baldwin County school board to seek sales tax hike

Oh, does this mean I’ll have to pay one more cent on all of my purchases? No, it means one percent, not one cent. There’s a big difference. Only Jimmy Carter would try to tax our way out of a recession.

Where’s Obama’s stimulus? Is there no wasted money in the school system’s budget at all? Why does the state continue robbing us of local taxes by forcing us to send money to Montgomery to pay for education in poorer districts? How much of this doubled tax would actually be leaving Baldwin County to go to the state department?

They’ll push this through and then blame it on Hollinger because he’s already said he will leave after his contract expires.

This will be remembered on election day.

Foley council backs idea of sales tax increase at Tanger Center

City officials endorsed the general idea of a half-cent sales tax increase at the Tanger Outlet Center on Thursday, but said the final ordinance will take at least four months to work out.

Tanger representatives asked the city to pass the tax only for the mall site on Ala. 59. The change would increase municipal sales taxes from 2 cents to 2cm HALF cents at the mall, and bring the total sales tax to 8cm HALF cents, according to the proposal.

The extra half-cent would go back to the Tanger Outlets corporation, based in Greensboro, N.C., to be used to promote the Foley mall and to provide incentives to bring in more merchants, Kevin Dillion, Tanger senior vice president, told council members. The tax rate would still be the same or less than the rates in most surrounding cities, Dillion said

Foley council backs idea of sales tax increase at Tanger Center

Fairhope residents argue for and against 2-cent sales tax

About three dozen residents told the mayor and council members Monday how they felt about a proposed 2-cent municipal sales tax to be levied in the city and surrounding police jurisdiction. All but 10 or so of them opposed the new tax.

“In these times, we all have to cut expenses. The city needs to cut expenses by about $17 million and not raise taxes,” said Jim Ketchum, owner of Andree’s Wine, Cheese & Things, an upscale gift shop and delicatessen downtown. A majority of the speakers made similar comments about the city’s duty to drastically cut expenses, and fire employees if necessary.

Because of county and state levies, businesses in Fairhope already charge 6 percent sales tax.

The council will consider passing the tax during its next regular council meeting, at 6 p.m. April 13, city officials said.

Fairhope residents argue for and against 2-cent sales tax

Taxes could increase at Tanger Outlet

City leaders say managers at Tanger are requesting the tax increase. They need more money for advertising.

Shopper Willie Gregg has no problem with the proposal. “Times are different. We are going forward now, so we can’t go back, we got to go forward,” said Gregg.

The half-cent tax increase would go toward purchases at Tanger only and no other business in the city.

City leaders must still vote on the matter which is scheduled for next week, but increase or no increase, these workers hope their voices will get customers to buy anyway.

Taxes could increase at Tanger Outlet

Council passes hike in water and sewer rates

Near the end of Monday’s four-hour-long City Council meeting, the panel passed an increase in water and sewer rates without a public hearing and no outcry from the public

A much different reaction greeted the council’s proposal on adding a city sales tax earlier in the evening.

At the start of the council meeting, a standing-room only crowd was present for a public hearing on the proposed city sales tax, but most of those people had departed when the utilities rate increases were passed.

A number of people addressed the council about the proposed sales tax, but no public hearing was announced or scheduled for the rate increase.

Council passes hike in water and sewer rates

Robertsdale approves lodging tax but has no hotels

In other matters, the council voted to approve a 4 percent lodging tax. While the city has no hotels or motels, Murphy said a bill granting a percentage of such a tax to new taxes to “tourism” is in the state legislature. By approving the tax now, the entire tax, should one be needed will go to Robertsdale coffers.

In a couple of months, the City of Robertsdale plans to issue about $1.2 million in “General Obligation Warrants” to cover payments on several properties the city has or plans to acquire. Money from the bond will also be used along with some federal money to renovate the PKZ Hall to add bathrooms and storage space.

The city also hopes to sell about $1.8 million in “Revenue Warrants” to clear the 2003 bond issue, and pay for “clarifiers” at the waste water treatment plant, upgraded electrical service, a sewer line on Kendrick Road, and overages to a sewer grant.

Robertsdale to issue bonds

If Robertsdale is going to start taxing everything they don’t have, it could be a long list.

Silverhill council raises taxes

Council members voted 4-1 to pass Resolution 415 which would provide for the assessment of fees on all new development within the town’s planning jurisdiction.

For residential property within town limits, the town will collect a 1 percent impact fee, provided that the fee does not exceed $4,881.25 per unit. For non-residental property within the town’s planning jurisdiction, the town will collect $99.57 per 1,000 square feet on homes up to 100,000 square feet.

Council member Bert Jones voted against the measure. Mayor Tim Wilson abstained from voting with council members Steve Brooks, Jared Lyles, Rodney Criswell and Shirley Stephens voting for the measure. All council members were present at Monday’s meeting.

Silverhill council conducts business

Fees, license, permits…different names for the same thing: taxes.

New tax for Silverhills passes

The Silverhill Town Council split on several issues coming before the council’s regular meeting on Monday at Town Hall.

First, the council narrowly voted to approve an impact fee ordinance for the town. The ordinance will allow the town to impose a 1 percent fee on all new construction in the town.

Then they voted for council members and other town officials to have their fee to attend the Central Baldwin Chamber of Commerce’s annual banquet paid and to give $300 to Silverhill Elementary School in support of the school’s honors program. The measure passed unanimously with Criswell and Wilson abstaining.

Ordinance passes by narrow margin