BCBOE Superintendent Resigns – Effective June 30

Email sent to parents and the community from Robbie Owen:

I am writing to inform you of my resignation as superintendent of the Baldwin County Public School System, effective June 30. On July 1, I plan to return to my previous role as the principal of Rockwell Elementary School. While it has been a tremendous honor to serve as superintendent during the past school year, my heart will not allow me to move beyond working directly with children and in a capacity where I feel that I can have the greatest impact on their lives and their families. As the time has approached to make a decision on the course of my future as an educator, I have come to realize a decision made over 30 years ago to work directly with elementary school children is one I am not prepared to call my past. This has become very evident as the school year has drawn to a close and I have attended ceremonies where students have celebrated accomplishments with their parents, families, school families, and friends. There will be those who think my decision is a result of the election and there will be those who may not believe this is my decision, but the truth is it is my decision and I simply miss being the principal of Rockwell Elementary School.

I will be available to work as superintendent throughout the month of June, but have informed the school board that I am prepared to vacate the superintendent’s position earlier if they see that to be in the system’s best interest. It has been a pleasure to work with the school board members, the central office staff, and with all of you! I greatly appreciate the words of encouragement and prayers that have come my way.


Robbie Owen