Fairhope Council Approves “New Retail Store” Plan

The city council unanimously gave conditional approval to a site plan for what documents refer to as a “new retail store” — to be built on  Morphy Ave., east of the Rite Aid drugstore.

The applicant’s intent is to re-locate the existing Dollar General from the nearby Baldwin Square Shopping Center, according to Mayor Kant; but some other store may locate there if plans change.

According to national media reports, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar chain stores proliferated after the ‘Great Recession’ began in 2008; and continues as alternatives to their ‘big box’ cousins that are fewer in number and usually more distant. 

Like the bigger chains, they have been criticized for promoting rural sprawl, especially in the northeastern and northwestern parts of the country — and for damaging local independent and regional businesses (like Fred’s, Greers grocery, etc.).

via Council Approves “New Retail Store” Plan | Fairhope Times.