Fairhope Education Committee Ponders New Strategies

The day after the school tax vote mostly-failed, the city’s Educational Advisory Committee met to consider its next steps: and heard proposals from representatives of FEEF and the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation that pooling resources may have more impact on the community’s educational needs.

Members expressed surprise that none of the new tax proposals passed here usually known for supporting such initiatives; they did note that all of the existing ones were re-authorized by voters here though.

Jim Kellen, one of the committees original members, mentioned that former superintendent Alan Lee had asked them to put preliminary plans to schedule a referendum for a special overlay school district for the Fairhope area on hold — until the county’s referendum had taken place; given its outcome that may have been a mistake Kellen said. (click here)

If approved, the $350K/year now being donated from city coffers would cease,  replaced by about $1.8 million from the entire district — a more equitable/fair  way of doing it, according to some city officials when it came up about a year ago..


via Education Committee Ponders New Strategies | Fairhope Times.

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