Top 6 Ways Baldwin County Students Will Spend Easter Weekend

Spring Break is next week but first we get to celebrate Easter. What are the poor school children going to do this weekend without their 8 new mils?

  1. Color the eggs they found on the faces of the Baldwin County school board members. (Yes, we know, all of them except David Cox who stood up against Obama’s Common Core tax increase from the beginning.)
  2. Recycle all those Build/Educate Baldwin Now signs by using them to build Temporary Educational Cottages or setting up blockades to keep the homosexuals away from the marriage license office
  3. Get gas at Spriggs’ restaurant/quickie marts in Daphne. And if you’re low on fuel you can fill up your bus now, too.
  4. Shrink Baldwin Now by taking Easter candy from fat kids.
  5. Dump sweet tea in the Bay to protest your right to have children educated in a trailer just like their parents were
  6. Spend thousands of taxpayers’ dollars to convince voters we need to legalize smoking the green plastic grass in your basket and a lottery

We also hope you enjoy the return of whatever you gave up for lente!

What are you and your offspring doing to celebrate Easter this weekend?