Commissioner Frank Burt questions voter registration of citizen/blogger with questions

From the PR article:

Burt voiced frustration that questions about the contract “didn’t get raised in workshop discussions” and blamed “blogs and e-mails that have come through” for shaking commissioner support.

One such blogger, Ian Walters of Daphne, sent an e-mail last week opposing hiring lobbyists. In answer, Burt forwarded the e-mail to Assistant County Administrator David Brewer asking, “Have you determined if Mr. Ian Walters is a registered voter in Baldwin County? Or, is it perhaps possible that he may just be another unhappy resident blogger with too much leisure time?” The forwarded e-mail went to numerous people including the Press-Register.

Asked Tuesday if commissioners directed staff to research Walters’ voting status and why, Burt responded that he sent the e-mail, and it was widely distributed. He said it was “just a question I asked of staff. I did not direct staff to research anything and Mr. Walters answered it himself. He ought to be a very happy man.”

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Many look forward to Burt’s response to the requested “public explanation of why I should be treated any differently than any other resident in the County”