Bethel Alert: Evangelists Target Northern Kentucky, videos included

They were sent here by God… that’s what a lawsuit-filing evangelist family from Southern Alabama says about their recent trip to Northern Kentucky. They also say they’ll be coming back soon, because they’re now suing a number of entities in Northern Kentucky, including law enforcement, school boards and teachers for allegedly violating their civil rights.

Orlando and Glynis Bethel are well known in courthouses all over Southern Alabama. They’re responsible for dozens of lawsuits, and millions of dollars in claims against judges, schools, sheriffs … you name it, they’ve sued it. Now, they’ve set their sights and lawsuits on Northern Kentucky.

Earlier this month, when Keziah Bethel was arrested for causing a disturbance at Boone County High School, her parents showed up at the sheriff’s office with camera and lawsuit in hand.

Evangelists Target Northern Kentucky

Watch Glynis’ videos: