Baldwin County Mugshots – Jan 13

Today’s mugshots from the Baldwin County Detention Center.

Click the first small image to start the slide show.  Who’s you’re favorite today?

All pictured here have been arrested but have not yet been found guilty of the crimes they are charged with. Probably.

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#1 glynisbethel on 01.16.11 at 4:32 pm

GOD is good.

Where are the mugshots for the arresting officers? The officers, who are probably bigger criminals, pictures need to be posted next to these people’s photos. How many officers have invaded people’s private property, without warrants, to make the arrest? How many of these people were illegally denied an opportunity to do a signature bond or be release on their own recognizances. How many of these people had money taken out of their wallets and sent to their homes while they sit in jail as a result of this illegal practice.
How many of these people were denied telephone calls? It sounds like a class action to me.

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