Mayor’s search for new assistant draws questions

The City Council took issue Monday night with a decision by Mayor Tim Kant last month to publish advertisements for a new executive secretary with a pay range of $44,800 to $56,000 per year.

Betty Rivenbark, the mayor’s longtime assistant, retired from the job last month.

Council members said Monday that they alone, and not Kant, have the authority to hire Rivenbark’s replacement. Shortly after taking office late last year, the new council passed an ordinance taking away the may or’s power to hire, fire and discipline department heads

Mayor’s search for new assistant draws questions

Can’t hire a secretary but wants to run their own school system?

If there’s anything the county school system would be better at, it’s hiring a secretary. Maybe the city should hire someone from the county school system as a consultant on this hire and get the AEA to hire a consultant to investigate it all.