Baldwin County Schools Tune Out President’s Speech

The president’s plan to speak to all school children in a nationally televised speech became a hot topic in Baldwin County; a county where parents typically vote conservative.

Because of the controversy, the Baldwin County School District let principals make the decision whether or not the speech would air. Some of those principals let teachers decide. The vast majority felt the President’s Speech would disrupt the classroom.

The schools that did air the speech chose to remain anonymous, and the school district refused to release their names.

Local 15 News discovered the names of two Baldwin County Schools that did give students the option of listening to President Obama’s speech: Daphne High School and Gulf Shores High School.

Baldwin County Schools Tune Out President’s Speech

How can a school choose to stay anonymous? Parents have a right to know if this video or anything else was shown or not. That is absurd. What else are schools choosing to stay anonymous about?