Johnny Rockets Crashes Back To Earth with Score 64

It’s a popular hangout at The Wharf in Orange Beach, but Johnny Rockets failed to “lift off” during an inspector’s unannounced visit this week.

Baldwin County Health Department officials’ Aug. 13 report shows violations, including five critical violations. Violations including sewer flies, cold food held at the wrong temperature and homemade items inspectors say was prepared in an unrated kitchen. Inspector’s notes also show they found moldy food.

It was reportedly enough for the owners to clean house: literally and figuratively. Right now, they under new management and the new team is looking to soar to higher heights in the future. But for now, “The Rocket” has been grounded a bit with a deplorable score of 64. Health inspectors say that’s only four points away from being “temporarily scrubbed” with an emergency closing.

Stop N Shop on Laurel Avenue in Foley – 79 points

Magnolia Court Restaurant on McKenzie Street in Foley – 83


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