Three towns get federal money for police

The Obama administration will dole out $1 billion in aid to help cities and states keep police officers on the beat during the economic downturn – but most of those who sought the help will be disappointed.

The aid is just a fraction of what police departments across the country had hoped to get. For every $1 to be delivered, another $7 in requests will go unanswered under the grant program, Community Oriented Policing Services, commonly called COPS. Under the COPS program, the federal government pays the officers’ salary and benefits for three years, after which the local government is responsible for the costs.

Below is a list of local departments who will receive COPS money:

  • Bay Minette $140,159
  • Foley $578,727
  • Summerdale $134,919

Only 1 in 7 agencies to get police aid