Tax to Help Schools Discussed

Local lawmakers are working on a measure to get more money for local school children in Baldwin County. A new one cent sales tax is still on the table as Baldwin County Commissioners and school board members discuss the plan.

The group has decided to form a financial task force of lawmakers and accountants to look at all options to make up for an expected 13 million dollar shortfall facing the school system. The task force plans to meet on Monday.

One other option discussed today is the possibility of a half cent sales tax for four years – instead of the one cent tax for 24 months already on the table.

Tax to Help Schools Discussed

There are always other options. A third option is not to increase the taxes at all. A forth option is to reduce the tax rate and spur economic activity.

How much does it cost to have a new task force of accountants? Doesn’t the school board have several accountants on staff already? — Copyblogger theme design by Chris Pearson