Baldwin County school board seeks to double tax rate

Citing continued budget shortfalls, laid-off teachers and canceled programs, Baldwin County Board of Education members said today that they will ask the County Commission for a 1-cent hike in the local sales tax.

The proposal would double the 1-cent tax now shared by the county, school board and Faulkner State Community College. If approved, the move would generate $29 million for the school system at present revenue levels, said Jean McCutchen, Board of Education finance officer. In the last two years, state funding for Baldwin County has dropped by about $38 million, according to Faron Hollinger, superintendent of education.

At a work session this morning, the five board members present all said they would support asking the County Commission for the tax increase.

Baldwin County school board to seek sales tax hike

Oh, does this mean I’ll have to pay one more cent on all of my purchases? No, it means one percent, not one cent. There’s a big difference. Only Jimmy Carter would try to tax our way out of a recession.

Where’s Obama’s stimulus? Is there no wasted money in the school system’s budget at all? Why does the state continue robbing us of local taxes by forcing us to send money to Montgomery to pay for education in poorer districts? How much of this doubled tax would actually be leaving Baldwin County to go to the state department?

They’ll push this through and then blame it on Hollinger because he’s already said he will leave after his contract expires.

This will be remembered on election day.