Speaker asked to leave meeting

A person who spoke during the public participation section of Monday’s City Council meeting was removed from the meeting by a police officer

Councilman Lonnie Mixon, who presided during Council President Debbie Quinn’s absence, told Calvin Hunt to address the item he had requested be put on the agenda, or he would be removed from the meeting.

After Hunt continued speaking about what he claimed were problems that had not been fixed at Young Street Park, Mixon stopped him. “You’re finished,” Mixon said.

A police officer tapped Hunt on the shoulder and told him he had been asked to leave, and escorted him without incident from the meeting.

Speaker asked to leave meeting

Both speakers — black community activist Calvin Hunt and Paul Ripp, an opponent of the Publix development on Parker Road near his home — had spoken to the council during several recent meetings on the same subjects that they took up Monday night.

During a meeting last month, Quinn warned that the public comment period was for the general public and not for a few who wish to rail on a pet issue again and again. Those who insist on speaking to the council repeatedly on the same subject would be stopped and, if necessary, escorted by police from the chambers, she said

Council had warned last month about revisiting issues