Robertsdale approves lodging tax but has no hotels

In other matters, the council voted to approve a 4 percent lodging tax. While the city has no hotels or motels, Murphy said a bill granting a percentage of such a tax to new taxes to “tourism” is in the state legislature. By approving the tax now, the entire tax, should one be needed will go to Robertsdale coffers.

In a couple of months, the City of Robertsdale plans to issue about $1.2 million in “General Obligation Warrants” to cover payments on several properties the city has or plans to acquire. Money from the bond will also be used along with some federal money to renovate the PKZ Hall to add bathrooms and storage space.

The city also hopes to sell about $1.8 million in “Revenue Warrants” to clear the 2003 bond issue, and pay for “clarifiers” at the waste water treatment plant, upgraded electrical service, a sewer line on Kendrick Road, and overages to a sewer grant.

Robertsdale to issue bonds

If Robertsdale is going to start taxing everything they don’t have, it could be a long list.