WTF, Chuck: What’s the most romantic thing to do in Baldwin County?

A reader writes:

Dear Chuck,

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’ve got no idea what to do with my old lady. It’s not that I want to spend any extra time or money on her but I also don’t want to listen to her nag me about not doing anything until the next holiday.

Just kidding, Chuck. I love the girl and want to do something special for her. Any ideas?


Romeo from Robertsdale

Dear RfR,

This is a very timely question. I’m glad you didn’t wait until the last minute to ask it. Relax, though, because you’ve got plenty of time.

You don’t provide much background info about your Valentine. I’ll have to make a few assumptions about what she might like based on the fact that she’s dating and/or married to someone from Robertsdale, as you’ve claimed to be.

Here are some ideas:

Some of those might actually work for you, but I doubt it. Here are some actual suggestions for a romantic encounter:

I’m sure our readers have better ideas. I’ve never been the romantic type. Just ask any of my previous wives.

Can you help Romeo out with this? Share your ideas for romantic Valentine’s Day ideas by leaving a comment below.