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Bay front Park improvements OK’d

Daphne’s Planning Commission at its regular Thursday meeting unanimously approved parking lot and landscaping improvements to Bayfront Park

“What we are proposing to do is to add 30 parking spaces on the west side (of the pavilion),” developer Jay Robertson said. “We would place landscaping grass and new sidewalks on the west side.”


Bayfront Park improvements OK’d

Dozens of dogs legal at one home

An Elberta woman breeds Pomeranians and has almost three dozen that she cares for. Her neighbors say it is way too noisy, but the woman said they are part of her family.

Ten, 20, 30, that is how many Pomeranians Rhonda Barlow has living on her property in Elberta.

During the day she keeps the dogs outside. But when night falls, Barlow puts the dogs inside a bus. “I put them up every…night, excuse my language.”

Hubert Tate, FOX10 News Reporter: “Why are you mad?” Barlow: “Because these…neighbors won’t leave me alone.”

Dozens of dogs legal at one home

Shelby Announces $695,272 for Jack Edwards Airport

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today announced that the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration has awarded $695,272 to the Jack Edwards Airport in Gulf Shores. The airport will use this funding to extend its taxiway and improve airfield drainage.

“Local airports serve as an important development tool for our state’s smaller communities, and we must continue to expand and upgrade them to serve growing demands,” said Shelby. “The Jack Edwards Airport will use these funds to make needed improvements to its facility. The airport improvements will help meet the needs of the increased population traveling to, from, and through South Alabama.”

Shelby Announces $695,272 for Jack Edwards Airport

Is it still called pork when the money’s coming in to our area?

Weather causes rescheduling

The City of Bay Minette has decided to reschedule the Arbor Day Tree Give-Away Celebration until Saturday, March 7, 2009 due to the threat of severe weather.

Arbor Day Rescheduled Due to Weather

The Heritage Junior Women’s Club and the Bay Minette Rotary Club have decided to reschedule the Chilly Run/Chili Cook-Off until March 14 due to the threat of severe weather. The event was schedule for Saturday.

Chilly Run/Chili Cook-Off rescheduled due to weather

Missing boy used for drug money

Officers say the five-year-old boy, Connor Chase, was missing for almost three days before being found Wednesday night.

Police say Timothy Wakefield asked about 40 people for $20. He told them he needed the money to get home. That was a fake story.

Conner was used to make people more willing to give. Connor’s mother said she is happy to have her son back.

Police say he was able to get about $800 from people with the false story.

Missing boy used for drug money

Dad Uses His 5-Year-Old Son For Panhandling (nice picture of him at the Waffle House)

Interview with boy’s mother

Sister Charged with Murder

Fairhope Police have charged the sister of a Fairhope man killed Wednesday with his murder.

Maleya McMillan, 25, was taken into police custody Wednesday after neighbors say she fatally stabbed her brother, Mustafa Odell McMillan, 22, at their South Ingleside Street home.

Neighbors say it started as an arguement over dog feces, but the fight escalated

Sister Charged with Murder

Family recalls Fairhope man stabbed by his sister


Restaurant Scorecard: Big Names, Low Scores

But, during last week’s surprise visit some of the dirty dining secrets exposed at Logan’s Roadhouse in Spanish Fort simply didn’t wash with the food police. NBC15 News did a little digging and we even discovered Logan’s Roadhouse in Spanish Fort passed their previous 9 inspections with a score in the 90’s. We asked the manager on duty what went wrong, but he wasn’t talking.

Violations, including a problem with some food temperatures; employees touching your ready to eat food with their bare hands, plus a hand washing facility in the meat cutting room was out of order. Baldwin County health officials say three critical violations which earned Logan’s Roadhouse a deplorable 76. Remember, 85 and higher is considered passing.

Ed’s Seafood Shed on Battleship Parkway. Inspector’s February 20th report shows violations, including, toxic items stored with tea, shell stock tags not properly dated and labeled and they weren’t following a local ordinance of giving a consumer advisory on the seafood. Last time Ed’s reeled in a big score- 96, but this one apparently got away– 81.

Restaurant Scorecard: “Big Names, Low Scores”

Officer describes Silverhill slaying allegedly carried out by teens

When three teenagers entered Robert “Bob” Aitcheson’s Silverhill trailer last month, one climbed on top of the sleeping man, while another slipped a plastic bag over his head, according to court testimony.

After a struggle, Ian Aitcheson, the victim’s 16-year-old son, picked up a large butcher-type knife in the kitchen, Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Susan Gross testified Thursday. He handed it to Danny “Chubbs” Weaver “and tells him to make sure my dad is dead,” Gross said.

That is one of the scenarios investigators put together based on evolving and conflicting statements made by the four teenagers charged with capital murder and first-degree arson, Gross said.

Officer describes Silverhill slaying allegedly carried out by teens

Judge Denies Bond For Teens Accused of Murder



Silverhill Murder

South Baldwin group battling drug, alcohol abuse

South Baldwin County community groups, educators, police and other officials will be seeking a federal grant in March to help pay for efforts to combat substance abuse problems facing local teens.

Three of the biggest substance abuse issues for Foley area teens are alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs, according to a report by the South Baldwin Coalition for Prevention. The coalition was established in 2008 as a network of parents, students, educators, law enforcement, businesses and other community members, said Terry Burkle, a member of the organization and director of the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation.

The group has been working on organization plans since its first meeting in August, Burkle said. She said the next step will be getting the money to put plans into place

South Baldwin group battling drug, alcohol abuse

Tree cities in Baldwin County

Whether it’s a simple sapling giveaway or a more elaborate event, several Baldwin County municipalities have Arbor Day celebrations on tap for Saturday.

In Orange Beach, for example, city officials will be distributing 1,300 seedlings on Saturday morning, from 8 to 10 a.m. at City Hall.

The Daphne Beautification Committee, meanwhile, will hold its Arbor Day celebration at Village Point Park Preserve from 8:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Infamously leafy Fairhope, Arbor Day will be celebrated from 9 a.m. to noon at Faulkner State Community College’s campus downtown.

Tree cities in Baldwin County

Hugging and groping will begin immediately after the trees are handed out.

FAA covered by state ethics law

When the city’s airport board reorganized in 2003, the entity entered a new threshhold of accountability.

Although ordinances still listed in the Code of Ordinances on the city’s Web site refer to it as the Fairhope Airport Board and controlled by the City Council, the Fairhope Airport Authority is a corporation that was formed pursuant to state law in 2003.

The name of the organization changed to the Fairhope Airport Authority at that time and became a corporation controlled by an initial board of directors of Susan Mason, Colton Coile and Khim Vira, according to county records.

FAA covered by state ethics law

Peeping Tom sought in Loxley

While most of us laugh and crack a few jokes, there’s nothing funny about discovering a “peeping Tom” outside your window

That was the situation Valentine’s Day when a Loxley woman discovered a “peeping Tom.”

Police are still monitoring the area, says Lt. Raymond Lovell, a spokesperson for the Loxley Police Department, but he says police think the incident was a “boyfriend-girlfriend situation.”

Peeping Tom sought in Loxley

Council receives mixed feelings on bringing in Publix

A public hearing held Monday night showed mixed feelings from the community about the leeway given to Pelican Place owners

The city has been working with Colonial-Langley, trying to entice Publix to build at the Pelican Place shopping center.

However, managing agency Colonial-Langley has been experiencing problems paying back its short-term bond as projected revenue wasn’t reached.

Council receives mixed feelings on bringing in Publix

Honor Flight trip free for veterans

Many World War II veterans may get to see the WWII (1939-1945) memorial in Washington D.C. for the first time, at its five-year anniversary. Honor Flight South Alabama will take veterans on a one-day, all-expenses-paid trip to the capital city on May 6, according to Barry Booth, the local organization’s co-chairman and guardian director.

The national organization focuses on flying WWII veterans to see the memorial because many senior citizens would never have the chance to visit it in their lifetimes due to financial or health-related issues, according to the Web site. Honor Flight pays travel expenses for veterans, who may take one guardian with them but the program doesn’t cover that cost. Medical staff will also attend to help those with disabilities, Booth said.

Honor Flight trip free for veterans