Silverhill council raises taxes

Council members voted 4-1 to pass Resolution 415 which would provide for the assessment of fees on all new development within the town’s planning jurisdiction.

For residential property within town limits, the town will collect a 1 percent impact fee, provided that the fee does not exceed $4,881.25 per unit. For non-residental property within the town’s planning jurisdiction, the town will collect $99.57 per 1,000 square feet on homes up to 100,000 square feet.

Council member Bert Jones voted against the measure. Mayor Tim Wilson abstained from voting with council members Steve Brooks, Jared Lyles, Rodney Criswell and Shirley Stephens voting for the measure. All council members were present at Monday’s meeting.

Silverhill council conducts business

Fees, license, permits…different names for the same thing: taxes.