Missing teen found in Foley

A child is missing. A 15 year old girl leaves home in the middle of the night. “We’re doing everything in our power to get this girl back home safely,” says a search weary Lt. David White.
The search is already 12 hours old.

“Anytime a child goes missing, missing is missing and we want to get them back as fast as we can.” Police Chief David Wilson says each case is a top priority. “Some people look at it as just a juvenile who has run away well nationwide 80 percent of abducted children start out as runaways. Either they are abducted when they go missing or they are in a place they are not suppose to be and they get abducted.”

The new effort may already be working. In this case, the teenager is found and returned home within 24 hours, safe and unharmed.

Missing in Foley