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Trick or Treat: Protect Your Kids Tonight

The Alabama Department of Public Safety currently lists 200 registered sex offenders in Baldwin County.

Search for registered sex offenders in your area 

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Magnolia Springs approves sewer and zoning regs

Regulations that go into effect next week should help protect the town’s appearance and environment, according to officials.

The Magnolia Springs Town Council voted earlier this week to approve ordinances establishing regulations for sewer systems and a commercial zoning overlay district for the area along U.S. 98. The council also voted to lift a building permit moratorium established in June.

The sewer ordinance restricts placing lines within 200 feet of the Magnolia River and sets other limits on wastewater systems in the area.

Magnolia Springs approves sewer and zoning regs

Is the school system borrowing money to meet payroll?

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, Baldwin County Schools’ Communications Director sent out an email to his “key communicators” list with the subject line shouting, “BALDWIN SCHOOLS TO MEET PAYROLL WITHOUT BORROWING MONEY.”

Now the Press-Register says:

Baldwin County school officials maintain that system employees should receive paychecks as normal Friday and in November and December for the holidays. The school board may vote to take out a multi-million dollar loan to make the holiday payroll, officials said.

The board will vote in November to approve a loan that could amount to as much as $25 million. The details of the line of credit have not yet been determined.

Either they have money for payroll or they don’t. Which is it?

With the state only sending 75% of the money owed to the schools even a Mobile County student could do the math and determine they’ll be 25% short somewhere.

Where does all the money go? Where can the school system cut costs to save money?

Alzheimer’s Patient Found

Update 7:15 p.m.
– The man has been found by officers. They are walking him out of the woods. police say he is not hurt.

Update 6:55 p.m.
– Captain Steve Williams with the Elsanor Fire Department says they are looking for an 83yr old man at the end of Koier Rd off Hwy 90 in Elsanor.
– Williams says the man is wearing a dark jacket, wearing dark blue pants, he apparently took his shirt off but they think he still has the jacket on.
– He has a Project Lifesaver locator on his wrist and officers are tracking the signal.

Alzheimer’s Patient Found

Daphne Councilmember’s Husband Missing

A Daphne City Councilmember’s husband is missing Thursday.

Councilwoman Kathy Barnette’s husband, Larry Barnette, 40, has been missing since Tuesday around 2 p.m. Police say he has a 2006 Dodge, extended cab, cream colored truck with a Chuck Stevens temporary tag on the vehicle.

Daphne Councilmember’s Husband Missing

Summerdale Wreck Kills One

One person died and one person was injured in a traffic crash Wednesday evening in Summerdale. It happened just before 7:30pm on County Road 36 about one mile east of Summerdale. 16 year old Cody Ryan Kennedy of Summerdale, the driver of a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica, was injured while his passenger, 32 year old Alan Eugene Randall of Summerdale, was killed in the accident. Alabama State Troopers say that neither person was wearing their seat belt. No other vehicles were involved.

Summerdale Wreck Kills One

Baldwin Bike Trail Reaches Spanish Fort

Teko Wiseman started a bike trail in Fairhope and today the Baldwin Trail Balzers 8 foot wide sidwalk spans from Mullet Point north of Point Clear south through Fairhope, Montrose, Daphne, inder I-1- at Alligator Alley up to the Scenic Overlook at Spanish Fort and now past Bass Pro and into downtown Spanish Fort at the Bruno’s Shopping Center.

Baldwin Bike Trail Tenacles Pass Bass Pro For Bruno’s

Principal put on administrative leave

An area principal has been temporarily relieved of his duties while the school board completes an internal investigation, education officials said Wednesday.

Baldwin County Alternative School Principal Donald Lee Johnson, who has worked for the public school system since 1993, was put on paid administrative leave Oct. 20. Baldwin County schools spokesman Terry Wilhite said the district’s human resources department is conducting a “review of operations” and that Assistant Principal Pat Malisham will run the school in Johnson’s absence.

The Alternative School is in Fairhope and serves students who have posed behavioral problems or faced disciplinary action from the school system.

Principal put on administrative leave

New Green Nurseries entrance being built

Along a new driveway cut between rows of Asian conifers growing in pots, a tractor droned and dragged a grading blade across tons of gravel. A worker used a shovel to carefully sculpt the edges of the lane, a new delivery-truck entrance to Green Nurseries.

One month after the resolution of a half-year conflict between city officials and the nursery business on U.S. 98/Greeno Road, Summit Industries workers this week expected to finish nearly $40,000 in road improvements and security lighting on and beside the private business.

At one point during the squabble, state officials threatened to freeze funds for a $1 million median project on Greeno Road, the project that the owners of Green Nurseries claim robbed them of their main delivery truck entrance.

New Green Nurseries entrance being built

Zoning defeated in Foley again

Zoning went down to defeat again Tuesday in the unincorporated area surrounding the city — and this time it lost by a larger margin, according to final but unofficial results.

District 18 residents voted for the second time in 1cm HALF years on whether to implement land-use controls, and it failed 307-176, those results showed.

In March 2007 it was defeated 160-151, participation that represented less than 10 percent turnout.

Zoning defeated in Foley again

Burt: Second referendum waste of time

Gambino’s signs new operator

The sign out front reads “We Are Open.”

But the doors of Gambino’s Restaurant remained locked Tuesday, nearly a week after state agents removed all alcoholic beverages from the place and ordered that none be sold there. Rick Gambino, who owns the building but hasn’t operated the restaurant since 2002, said he signed a lease Tuesday with a new operator.

“The previous tenant was only in there about 2cm HALF weeks. He didn’t get his corporation registered and he didn’t get the liquor license taken care of,” Gambino said. “He’s basically a nice guy I think, but I just suggested that he leave. I hate that the Gambino’s name we’ve spent the past 30 years building up has gotten smeared so badly in the past few weeks.”

Gambino’s signs new operator

Daphne teenager wanted by five local law enforcement agencies

A Daphne teenager is wanted by five local law enforcement agencies on a variety of charges — including an accusation that he pretends to own run-down vehicles, then peddles them to wrecker services he calls to pick them up.

The 19-year-old sells the cars as scrap to tow truck drivers at a profit, according to Mobile police.

Kendall Justin Stone is wanted by:

  • Mobile police on charges of first-degree theft and attempted theft.
  • Spanish Fort police on a charge of third-degree theft by deception.
  • The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office on a third-degree burglary charge.
  • The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office on a possession of drug paraphernalia charge.
  • Daphne police on a charge of failing to appear in court on a drug possession charge.

Teenager accused of running junk car scam in the Mobile Bay area

Property tax money finally comes in

At the last City Council meeting of the current administration Monday night, City Treasurer Nancy Wilson gave some welcome news when she said the city had received long-awaited funds from the county revenue office for property tax payments tied up in appeals during the past year.

“Guess what I got at the end of last month,” City Treasurer Nancy Wilson said. “It finally came.” Wilson said the city received $1,267,000 initially and an additional $65,000, with a final $12,000 expected soon.

“We didn’t get the amount I expected,” Wilson said. “I was looking for a million and a half (dollars). But it’s looking a lot better than it has in a long time.”

Property tax money finally comes in


Local school officials across the state are scurrying to find dollars to meet payroll after an announcement late today from State Superintendent Joe Morton that says that school districts will only receive 75 percent of their state check from which they normally pay employees.

For many systems in Alabama that means a scramble to the bank to borrow the money.

In Baldwin County, school finance chief Jean McCutchen says the system will delve into its “fund balance” – a savings account of sorts – to the tune of $2.5 million to make ends meet for payroll. Currently, Baldwin’s fund balance is about $22 million or 1.13 months operating balance. Many districts statewide have already depleted their reserves.

State officials say that school systems should receive the balance of their October month end check by Nov. 7. The check delay from the state is being blamed on revenue shortfall across Alabama. State and local officials have warned of looming proration – further reductions to the already slashed budget – which today’s announcement seems to reinforce will be a certainty. Baldwin County Public School System employees should receive their check at month’s end as they always do because of a rapid response by the district’s Business and Finance Division to move dollars in its general fund to make ends meet for payroll, according to system officials.

The Baldwin County Public School System has about 4,000 employees and its monthly payroll is about $16 million.


Appeals court sends Infirmary plan to review board

The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals overturned a lower court ruling that would have allowed Infirmary Health Systems to relocate one of its Eastern Shore surgery centers to south Baldwin County without first going through a state review.

The appeals court determined that Infirmary must first appear before the Certificate of Need Review Board.


Appeals court sends Infirmary plan to review board