Alabama’s Gulf State Park Pier

When many people think of Gulf State Park, the first thing that comes to mind is the saltwater fishing pier that was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The 825-foot-long pier was Alabama’s most popular place to fish and watch others fish. Hugh Branyon, Gulf State Park’s superintendent, says the pier attracted about 250,000 anglers and sightseers each year. On the busiest days, he said, almost 5,000 people would visit the pier.

Construction of a new pier – this one 1512-feet-long and the longest on the Gulf Coast – began in December, and a lot of anglers are counting the days until it opens.

The new pier is being built 250 feet east of the old one. It will be 20 feet wide, 6 feet wider than the old pier. At the base of the new pier, there will be a concession area with rest rooms, picnic tables, an air-conditioned snack bar and a tackle shop. Those who need fishing licenses will be able to buy them at the new pier. The pier’s middle section, which will have an octagonal shape, will contain more restrooms.

Alabama’s Gulf State Park Pier (includes pictures and drawings)