WTF, Chuck? The economy

A reader writes:

Dear, Chuck

WTF is up with the economy? All I hear on TV are reports of how bad the economy is doing. Things seem OK to me. I don’t know anyone who’s lost their job and new development is everywhere you look in Baldwin County.

A Baldwin County Worker

This is an excellent question, ABCW. And it’s one I’ve wondered about myself. Sure, the housing market is down. But if you’re not trying to sell your house it doesn’t matter. And gas prices are still climbing but our walkable communities make it possible to get around for free.

I see help wanted signs from Orange Beach to Bay Minette. And there are pages and pages of jobs listed in the classified section of the Press Register.

The national economy may be in a downturn but locally, Baldwin County seems to be doing OK. One way to make sure you can weather the low points of the economic cycle is to make sure you have income from sources that aren’t affected as much by downturns. There are lots of these types of jobs in Baldwin County. Here are some ideas:

Or perhaps you’d be interested in a job in the public sector:

If you have other suggestions for jobs or ideas about the local economy post them in the comments section.

Thanks for the question,


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