WTF, Chuck? New writer joins the

A new writer has joined the staff of the After a short interview and a long contract negotiation, we’re happy to welcome Chuck aboard. He’s a recent retiree who just moved to Baldwin County a few months ago from somewhere up north. (His northern heritage was only revealed to us after the contract was signed. Sorry.)

Chuck won’t be reporting on news and events in Baldwin County, though. He’ll be sorting through the massive amounts of email (at least 2 to 4 per week) that we get with questions, complaints and “atta boys” to bring readers a recurring column called, “WTF, Chuck?”

After sitting through Chuck’s interview and contract negotiations, we know it’s doubtful that Chuck will have all (or any) of the answers to your questions but we’re confident he can at least present the questions and hopefully some of our readers can help with the answers.

So if you’ve got a burning question about something in Baldwin County, send it to Chuck .

Submit your questions now and maybe you can be the first to ask, “WTF, Chuck?”

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