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Complaints begin as first day of school nears

Classes resume for students in Baldwin County next week. Many parents are busy in the stores looking for school supplies and uniforms. Some parents are concerned one of the policies in Baldwin County Schools could put more emphasis on what children are wearing to school rather that what they are learning.

When Baldwin County Public Schools first enacted their uniform policy in September 1999, it did not allow children to wear logos on shirts or shoes. Some said the policy was too strict, so it was changed. Then students began wearing and showing off designer names like Lacoste, Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. Now, there are parents, like Rhonda Rowell, who said that change has created the same environment that existed before the original policy was put in place. “It’s not fair to the lower income kids who can’t afford the Nike shoes and the Polo shirts,” Rowell tells NBC15 News. “Other kids have to go to Wal-Mart for that.”

Many parents still discontent with school uniform policies

Just to clarify, is she saying that because she has to shop at Wal-Mart for school uniforms, every other parent should, too, so that we can be fair to the lower income kids?

If schools would focus more on education and discipline and less on that “feel-good, self-esteem-boosting, everyone’s a winner crap”, there would be no need for uniforms. Everyone is not a winner and some people have nicer things than you do. Now stop crying and do your homework.

Here’s a lesson for you, kids: If you don’t want to have to buy clothes at Wal-Mart all your life you should study and work hard so you can have a better life than your parents did.

Split precinct added to District 32 election

Nearly 90 percent of Baldwin County’s registered voters are eligible to cast ballots Aug. 7 in the sprawling Alabama Senate District 32, which includes all voting precincts except seven sites located in Senate District 22.

Probate Judge Adrian Johns said the Baldwin County Board of Registrars told him Monday that Precinct 11, located at the Lottie Fire Department, also was a split district with eight eligible voters.

Split precinct added to District 32 election

Is this another attempt by Karl Rove to alter an election in Baldwin County?

School Board ponders rezoning policy

Baldwin County Public Schools will conduct community forums and use a committee of administrators to redraw school zones, according to a proposed school board policy.

Assistant Superintendent JaNay Dawson unveiled the proposed “School Redistricting Policy” last week, and the board unanimously approved its dissemination. The month-long review period allows groups like AEA and local PTAs to make suggestions, and the seven-member school board could approve the policy as early as next month.

Redistricting would involve moving students from one school to another, in an effort to curb overcrowding, or sending students to a newly built school. There are no immediate plans to redraw any school zone, but officials say they believe it’s prudent to have a plan in place before the need arises.

Board ponders rezoning policy

DA sues over Baldwin County sewer venture

Baldwin County District Attorney Judy Newcomb filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to halt and dissolve a County Commission venture with a California company to create a nonprofit corporation for building and managing wastewater-treatment plants.

In the lawsuit, Newcomb contends that the county had no authority to enter into a public-private agreement that initiated the venture with California engineering and construction company ARB Inc.

DA sues over Baldwin County sewer venture

Missing minister’s wife found in New York state

Police said Mary Byrne “Beth” Smith, the Alabama minister’s wife who disappeared from a women’s religious conference in Bossier City, La., earlier this year, has been found unharmed in New York state.

Missing minister’s wife found in New York state

Baldwin video shows robbery in progress

Robert Wayne Lanier, 25 of Foley, is charged with robbing Sam’s Gas on U.S. 98 in Foley on Friday night. Surveillance video from the store was taken during the robbery

Sheriff’s Dept. Statement

Video: Baldwin video shows robbery in progress

Baldwin man charged with drug trafficking

Fairhope police arrested three men on various charges Sunday, including one for allegedly trafficking marijuana.

Shannon Mikiel Barnes, 25, of Montrose, was charged with trafficking in cannabis, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two other men were arrested — Larry D. Woods Jr., 21, of Daphne for an outstanding warrant for second-degree possession of marijuana; and Justin L. Burden, 18, of Montrose, for an outstanding warrant for third-degree domestic violence — in the Sunday afternoon incident.

Baldwin man charged with drug trafficking

Senate forum draws crowd

Voters gathered at the Fairhope Civic Center Tuesday evening for a political forum attended by all candidates running for the state Senate District 32 seat. This office was recently vacated by Bradley Byrne, who resigned May 24 to accept the appointment by the State Board of Education as Chancellor of the Alabama Post-Secondary Education System.

Senate forum draws crowd

Summerdale sells its sewer service to company

A plan to allow a private sewerage company to take over service in Summerdale should allow the town to expand while meeting a state environmental deadline, Mayor David Wilson said.

The town has agreed to get out of the sewage-treatment business and enter into a contract with Baldwin County Sewer Services. The private company will take over $3.9 million in debt on the system and pay $200,000 in cash, Wilson said.

Town sells its sewer service to company

Restaurant health ratings

The worst:

  • The Krystal Co. FOL001, 2400 S. McKenzie Street, Foley — 70.
  • King Neptune’s Seafood, 1134 Gulf Shores Parkway, Gulf Shores — 76.
  • Margaritas Tortilleria and Taquerya, 1331-55 S. Commercial Drive, Foley — 76.


Sewer mess cleaned up

A long-standing legal dispute between the city of Fairhope and Baldwin County Sewer Service, a Foley-based private sewage treatment firm, has reached a conclusion. The disagreement was settled in arbitration. At issue was the failed attempt by Elite Development LLC to gain permission to build a subdivision near the intersection of Alabama Highway 104 and Baldwin County Road 27 (now Highway 181).

Sewer mess cleaned up

Daphne teen dies in wreck

A teenager who was about to begin his senior year at Daphne High School died Saturday morning when the pickup truck he was driving ran off the road in Daphne’s Lake Forest subdivision, Police Chief David Carpenter said.

Jace Holmes, 17, of Daphne, was pronounced dead at the scene, Baldwin County Coroner Jim Small said.

The accident took place at 2:13 a.m. on a curve on Ridgewood Drive near the intersection of Larosa Circle, Carpenter said. Three passengers, two female and one male, were also in the truck.

Daphne teen dies in wreck

Gulf Shores condos tangled in legal battles

Months after getting the keys to their units in the 18-story Lighthouse Condominium tower, the owners of the 252 Gulf-front condos are snarled in a four-way legal battle over $1.26 million that contractors say they are owed for construction work.

The litigation pits the owners, developers, contractors and the $60 million project’s bonding company against each other in a crisscross of claims over the unpaid construction bills, which have clouded titles to the condos.

At the same time, the owners are suing the building’s developers over construction quality and accounting issues.

Condos tangled in legal battles

Taste of the Eastern Shore benefits Daphne High School

The “Wild, Wild West” is the theme of this year’s Taste of the Eastern Shore, a Daphne High School fund-raiser. The event will be held Friday, Aug. 3, 7 p.m., at the Daphne Civic Center. Tickets are $25.

Taste of the Eastern Shore benefits Daphne High School

Daphne city government

  • The Daphne Planning Commission on Thursday unanimously voted to recommend the City Council deny rezoning a property on Wilson Avenue. The plan is to erect a duplex on each of 13 lots
  • Commissioners voted 6-1 to approve the site plan review for Orleans Commons if developers agree to add acceleration and deceleration lanes, and pay for one-third of the cost of the traffic signal. The Orleans Commons is a 56-unit apartment complex to be built southeast of the intersection of Pollard and Whispering Pines roads.
  • The commission approved a motion on the site plan review for the Hyman Office Building Two at TimberCreek.
  • The commission approved a motion for the preliminary plat review for 50 lots in Lake Forest. The lots, which were created in the 1970s, were grandfathered in with Lake Forest. However, they will fall under the new construction regulations, according to Ray Moore of HMR.

Daphne city government